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  1. An Interview with Iraq War Veteran Darrell Anderson
  2. Suggested Questions for Veterans
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Takaezu, Hall St. Seventh Army. October 12, Americans of Japanese descent of the nd Combat Team, th Infantry Battalion, in bivouac prepare to go late front lines for their first contact with the Germans in France. Kunio Ogawa, Kahului, Maue, Hawaii, write letters and read. Original caption: S. Agata Di Goti, Italy. Hideo Kaichi, 2nd Lt. Yutaka K. Yoshida, and 2nd Lt. Bouo F.

An Interview with Iraq War Veteran Darrell Anderson

Tanigawa, all from the Hawaiian Islands and veterans of the nd Regimental Combat Team, just after they received their bars after completing the twelve-week course at the Leadership and Battle School. July 14, May 22, , Denver, Colorado. Cardone, Italy.

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Tom Masanori, Santa Cruz, Calif. Fifth Army. September 9, Original caption: Cecina Area, Italy.


Bugler Pfc. Charles Kimura of Honolulu, T. The regiment consists of Japanese Americans. July 30, November 11, May 28, Some significant stories of individual Nisei soldiers include: Ralph G. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Stay up to date on Densho News. Densho Blog. November 10, No Comments military , photo essay. Leave a Reply Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Recent Posts. Thank you PostonPreserve and all the volunteers who organized an incredible pilgrimage this past weekend.

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All rights reserved. Our veterans deserve better than this they deserve to be treated properly and timely not to suffer in their home country after fighting overseas. According to Scott Bronstein a veteran named Coates was delayed a colonoscopy for a year since he reported it to his doctors, this 44 year old happened to have a cancerous…. Jayme Bussing Mrs. In contrast, history is the study of the past and human affairs, something that shapes our future.

Every single person has a different future, and a different history to go with it, some….

Suggested Questions for Veterans

Tan, Sadly, not all of our troops return home alive and many that do face many challenges ahead. Physical wounds surly do not go unnoticed. They are fairly common in war time situations and are even shown in war movies. They show…. Login Join. Home Page Veteran Interview Essay. Open Document. Veteran Interview [Insert veteran name here] Served in the Navy as a damage controlman. Has one Child, 3 step children and 3 step-grandchildren. Served from , discharged due to illness.

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Q- Were you afraid to go to the Navy when you enlisted? A- Not afraid, just anxious. Q- How did your wife and children feel about you going A- I actually discussed it with my wife, it was a decision we made together. It was either I stayed here and continue to work, or I go to the navy, she was very supportive. Our kids were a little worried, but once they realized that I would be okay, they were relieved.

Segment 2: Jogging Memory:

Q- What was the worst thing about being in the navy? A- Honestly the food. I was only in the navy a short time before I got sick, and all I can remember is how awful the food was. That will probably stick with me for the rest of my life Q- Do you still keep in touch with the people you were stationed with?

A- A few. He would always call and check on me to make sure everything was okay, and he surprised me on Christmas, he came to visit me. I can say that I give myself a pat on the back every day because I served my country. Some guys go into the military for the benefits.

A- I wanted to see my grandkids. Related Documents: Veteran Interview Essay. All parade participants… Words - Pages 3.